Saturday, March 31, 2012

MyFitnessPal Strength Calories?

I've said it once and I'll say it again, I love MyFitnessPal!  I had 1 complaint and I guess I wasn't the only one.  I would go out running for 15 minutes and add it to MyFitnessPal and see how many calories I burned.  Then I would go lift weights for 30 minutes and add it to MyFitnessPal only to see that calories aren't counted for strength training. 

First, let me explain why MyFitnessPal doesn't count calories for strength training.  So many factors are involved with weight lifting:

  • Person's weight
  • Person's level of fitness
  • Weight, repetitions, and form of exercise
  • Intensity
  • Resting time
You can see how this would be pretty difficult to calculate for each person individually.  You could take 2 completely different people and make them do the same exact exercise and they are going to both burn different calories.  Form is a big variable, some people go fast and loose and others are slow and refined.

MyFitnessPal does offer a little workaround for the issue of strength training calories.  Instead of putting the exercise in as strength training, put the exercise under cardiovascular.  When asked what type of exercise, just search for "Strength Training".  The calories calculated are low estimates to make sure that nobody is misled.

I hope that I helped to clear up this issue for those that wanted to know why MyFitnessPal wasn't giving credit for strength training.  If you have any other questions you would like to have answered, please let me know.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Extremely Hungry After Strength Training

To begin, I did great on my calories yesterday, but I decided I would like to try grazing over an extended period of time.  When I got home I went through my strength training routine again.  For those that don't remember it was:

  • 40 jumping jacks
  • 10 push ups (regular)
  • 25 crunches
  • Stretching

 3 full sets of the exercises below:

  • Bench Press (shoulder width) - 12 repetitions - 50 lbs plus bar
  • Lat Pulldown (wide grip) - 12 repetitions - 50 lbs total
  • Dead lift - 12 repetitions - 50 lbs plus bar
  • Barbel Curl (shoulder width) - 8 repetitions - 50 lbs plus bar
After 3 full sets, I did:
  •   40 jumping jacks
  • 10 push ups (knees down)
  • 25 crunches
All of the weight and repetitions remained the same, but I did feel a little stronger this time.  I worked through the routine faster, but still did each exercise slow and precise.  I took shorter breaks and managed to get the whole routine done in about 20 minutes.  My muscles felt more pumped up than last time and I could feel more results this morning.  I also noticed that my muscles are starting to show more and I am open to the fact that this could merely be a placebo effect.

Now the real problem, after my workout I was starving!  I had some water and felt a little better so I went to sleep.  When I woke up this morning I was a lot hungry than I usually am.  I realized after eating breakfast that I was still hungry.  Luckily for me I was able to get my hands on a protein bar and after eating it, I was no longer hungry.  I can only assume that my body was begging me for protein and I haven't been ingesting enough.  Today is my cardio day, but depending on my choice either Saturday or Sunday will be my strength day.  I will try eating some protein before my workout and see if that helps.  If not I will try to eat some protein after my workout.  I need to find a low calorie, high protein item that I can have on-hand for strength days.

Tomorrow, I will have a post up about strength training calories and MyFitnessPal.  I will be weighing myself tonight and I will post my updated weight on Monday when I start blogging again.  If you notice the widget at the top right, you will see that it says I have lost 9 pounds.  This will be updated tonight, but I will officially post my weight on Monday.  Tune in next week to read about my first full week of exercising for Daddy Weight Loss!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pumped Up and Slimming Down

I want to apologize for not posting yesterday, but I was very busy.  On Tuesday night I finally set up my "gym" in the basement.  I have my weight bench, lat tower, and a carpeted area for floor exercises.  I put 50 lbs of weight on each piece of equipment as a starting point and it seems to be a good weight for me.  My exercise routine was:

  • 40 jumping jacks
  • 10 push ups (regular)
  • 25 crunches
  • Stretching

 3 full sets of the exercises below:

  • Bench Press (shoulder width) - 12 repetitions - 50 lbs plus bar
  • Lat Pulldown (wide grip) - 12 repetitions - 50 lbs total
  • Dead lift - 12 repetitions - 50 lbs plus bar
  • Barbel Curl (shoulder width) - 8 repetitions - 50 lbs plus bar
After 3 full sets, I did:
  •   40 jumping jacks
  • 10 push ups (knees down)
  • 25 crunches
Every exercise was done slowly to pay close attention to form.  Once I get comfortable with each exercise, I will add more weight.  I am of the school that believes that proper form and motion is far more important than tons of weight or loads of repetitions.  After this workout I felt fantastic and really pumped up.  I listened to fast paced music and only took breaks between sets to stretch.  My muscles only started to fail right at the end while doing push ups, which is why I did them with my knees down.

Last night I walked/ran for 15 minutes early on in the night.  We went out and about and I did really good on calories and still managed to eat some frozen yogurt.  I tried "grazing" yesterday and ate small meals or snacks every 2 hours and it curbed my appetite tremendously.  Just before getting ready for bed, I took the bike out and went hard and fast for 15 minutes around the neighborhood (about  1.5 miles).  I would have gone further and longer, but my bike isn't working right.  I am hopefully taking it to the local bike shop this weekend, so that they can look it over.

Today so far I have tried going back to 3 square meals instead of grazing and it is terrible.  I think I might go to grazing completely.  Tonight I will be doing weight training once again and tomorrow will be the first day on a multivitamin.  Come back tomorrow for more about my Daddy Weight Loss journey!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

No Blogging Today

Sorry everyone, it is a really hectic day today and I won't be posting anything on any of my blogs today.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Clean Your Weight Loss

The article below is not written by me, but it gets the point across about a few of the problems I have been having.  I was over my calories last night and didn't exercise.  I did exercise on my lunch break, but it wasn't quite all out cardio activity.  I just wasn't in the right mindset yesterday and I needed to relax.  I had a problem with an old habit of not letting Ashley throw away her leftovers.  Instead of putting them in the fridge for tomorrow I ate her leftover pizza.  I can't beat myself up too bad over it, but I think I deserved a break.  Today I am doing very good with my calories and water intake and I will be setting up my exercise area in the basement tonight!

Enjoy the article and I will see you all tomorrow when the Daddy Weight Loss really is in full effect!

Spring Clean Your Weight Loss:

Unhealthy Habits To Say Goodbye To

If you're equipping yourself to begin on a weight loss nutrition plan, it's crucial that you take into account some of the important things that you must do to help you win the fight. With spring right around the corner, many people are aiming to shed the weight that they have racked up over the winter months and with the ideal method, this without a doubt will be possible.

However, for you to do so, there are a few unhealthy habits that you have to discontinue forever.

Let's have a quick look at what these peccadilloes are so that you can get started with removing them from your everyday life.

Bed-Time Munching

The very first habit you will need to eliminate is late evening time eating habits. Late night munching is going to be destructive because often, folks are munching on foods that they shouldn't during this period. They are not snacking on lean protein sources and vegetables, they're snacking on high calorie items that will most definitely set them back in regards to their progress.

To help stop this, start getting out during the night time. Make plans to get out of the house and you will not be around the foods you generally eat.

Then plan for a well-balanced snack before bedtime when you get home and you will not have to fret about going to bed hungry. If you take in a light snack that contains a really good mixture of nutrients, then it absolutely could be a component of your daily diet plan.

Stress Eating

The 2nd bad habit that you need to eradicate is stress eating. If you learn that you're consistently eating as a result of emotional reasons, you have to get control over this. Use a stress diary, see a counsellor, or simply call a trusted friend. Just do something that permits you to discard that stress without needing to rely on food.

As soon as you search for relief in sweets, ice cream, or pastries, you're headed for diet trouble.

Starving And Overeating

Another peccadillo that has to get the boot is denying your body food and then overeating. This is a terribly detrimental habit to have but one that far too many folks have to deal with. The reason this forms is that they try and consume so few calories during the day so they can lose weight as fast as possible, that by the time dinner hits, they just wish to binge.
They're so famished that they can no longer oversee themselves and wind up taking in far more than they have to.

Start consistently spacing your mealtimes out more and you won't have this problem.

Utilizing Black Or White Thinking

To conclude, the last poor habit to cease as soon as possible is making use of black and white thinking. If you see yourself as either all 'good' or all 'bad' on your diet, you are most likely to throw in the towel at even the most miniscule of slip ups. Doing this will immediately set you back as you will probably proceed to consume hundreds if not thousands of calories in your let down state.

Bear in mind, little changes yield huge results over time and set-backs are natural. Be accommodating with yourself and just remember that this concerns leading a much better way of life, not being a success or failure.

Start working on wiping out these unhealthy habits so that you can move forward and experience optimal weight loss success this spring.


Monday, March 26, 2012

Bad Weekend!

I had a very bad weekend as far as the diet and weight loss goes.  I went over my calories on Saturday and almost again on Sunday.  I didn't work out at all, not even a single push up.  It wasn't that I wanted it to go this way, I just felt tired.  Now that I had the bad weekend I feel terrible today too, even though I'm back to eating right.  I hope once I hop on the bike tonight that I feel better.

At this point I blame it all on the weather, we had a lot of rain and it was getting colder out.  It was also a double XP weekend for Call of Duty so I did quite a bit of gaming.  I am also trying to cut back to nothing when it comes to smoking.  All of these things together caused me to fail this weekend.  Usually, I would just give up completely, but not this time!

Rain or shine, I am exercising tonight!  I had a few cookies at work today, but other than that I have been eating healthy.  I am back to drinking adequate amounts of water, compared to at home where I never drink water.  I also moved more at work than I probably moved at all over the weekend.  I can't let a weekend like this happen again or I might not be continuing with Daddy Weight Loss.  Don't worry though, I'm not giving up, I am just venting a little bit.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Great Bike Ride

I had a great bike ride yesterday, I rode to and from the closing for our house.  After the closing I rode the longest route home I could find and figured the mileage out later to be about 8 miles.  I was pretty beat when I got home, but I got the chance to rest before I had to do anything else.

I didn't do so hot on the calories yesterday, I didn't go over but I got pretty close to going over.  It was so hot in the house and I was eating Popsicles to cool off.  I still felt pretty good, but all of the sugar was starting to get to  me.  Yesterday was also the first day without caffeine and it was brutal.  Today is just as bad, but I'm hoping it goes away soon.

This weekend should be a great time to switch up exercises a little bit.  I might be able to take longer rides and possibly jump on the weight bench a little bit.  I might weigh myself this weekend, but it almost seems a little too soon.  I've been taking a little break from pushups and crunches because with all the bike rides I've been pretty wore out.  I decided to do some push ups this morning and broke my record of 15 in a row and blasted through 20 push ups before I stopped myself.  Maybe it was just the little rest I needed, or maybe the bike riding is helping.  It could also be that I weigh less.

I'm not going to put too much thought into it, but I'm going to keep the Daddy Weight Loss journey moving along!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

2 Birds 1 Stone

Yesterday I had to go discuss some things about the house and the person I had to meet was going to be 2 miles away from my house.  I decided that it would be best to ride my bike over and kill 2 birds with 1 stone.  It was uphill on the way and I thought that I wasn't going to make it, but I did and it felt really good.  I got a chance to rest for a little bit and then started to ride home.  I went the wrong direction and had to turn back around.  I ended up taking the long way home and I rode as fast as I possibly could.  When I would get completely out of breath I dialed it back a little bit.

Once I found a good pace I kept it going the whole way home other than to stop for traffic.  I got home and put the bike away and walked around a little bit to cool down.  While I was cooling down my parents showed up to say hi and I went for another walk with my dad.  

I took a nice cold shower with the windows open and felt much better.  I checked my calories for the day and saw that I did really good!  I got the chance to go to bed early and I did and I feel great today!

The Daddy Weight Loss journey keeps on rolling and it is feeling great!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Motivation From God?

I try very hard not to be religious on my blogs because I want them to be appropriate for everyone.  I just couldn't pass up this opportunity. 

Yesterday I wasn't feeling the greatest after work and I was contemplating skipping my daily exercise.  Something kept nagging at me to get on the bike, ride, and push myself harder than I usually do.  After much hemming and hawing I jumped on my bike and headed out to the college which is about 5 blocks away.  I rode through the college and did a few laps around the parking lot.  Something urged me to not take the direct route home and go out and around the college and then through town.  I was pushing myself pretty hard and I thought I couldn't push anymore.

Then I saw it, it looked like garbage at first glance.  Something told me to stop and look.  On the side of the rode were 2 car seats.  Now I know that car seats aren't supposed to be reused and I completely understand why.  However, the bases on the car seats are the same ones that Ashley just ordered for the car seat we have.  

I rode as fast as I could home, probably faster than I have ever rode before.  I quickly put my bike in the shed and grabbed Ashley.  We jumped in my car and drove back over to the house with the car seats.  I went up and knocked on the door and nobody was home.  I loaded the car seats in the car and something told me that I needed to thank the people properly.  I left a note in the mailbox on the front of the house.

We drove home and made sure, but the bases do indeed fit our car seat!  The car seats seem to be fairly new so I may clean them up and possibly use one for my car.

What I took from this experience is that God is always listening and he always knows when you are going to give up.  He gave me incentive to keep on trucking and I can't thank him enough for that.  Maybe he reads me blog and knows that if I give up he has nothing to read everyday.  I will not accept that this was a mere coincidence and I hope that I do not offend anyone by feeling this way.  I just thought it was necessary to share as I am trying to lose weight to become a father.  Maybe this was a gift from above to help keep Daddy Weight Loss going!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weigh In and a New Biking Buddy

After work yesterday, I stopped to pick up mail from my parent's house.  While there I decided to weigh in because this is the same time and same scale that I always use.  I stripped down and climbed on the scale and looked down...
226.4 Pounds!
It may not be quite 2 pounds lost per week, but I had a slow week last week as far as exercising is concerned.  This all adds up to 8.6 pounds lost since February 15th, which is a little under 2 pounds per week.  I could care less, I am ecstatic!  I haven't been giving it my all either, I only exercise about 15-20 minutes each day and I don't follow a specific diet.  I haven't really lifted weights and I still eat 3 big meals each day.  All of the things that I am not doing are for a reason.  When I hit a plateau I will use these other things to blow right past it.

  • 45 minutes of exercise 5 days a week
  • Still count calories but eat healthier foods
  • Start weight lifting 3 days a week
  • Eat smaller meals spread throughout the day
These are going to be my "plateau busters" and I think they will be pretty successful.  I won't lie my motivation grows exponentially each day, Ashley is starting to get annoyed with me admiring myself in a mirror.  I can see the differences and feel the differences and that makes it all worthwhile!

Last night I got an unexpected offer from someone to ride bikes with me.  Ashley offered out of the blue and her doctor said that it was okay as long as she doesn't push it.  We went for a short ride around the block and after we circled around she went home and I continued for another lap.  It was nice to have someone to talk to and it didn't feel like a workout.  After she went home I could really feel my heart pumping and the sweat dripping off of me, but I didn't notice when we were talking.  It is funny how the mind and body works.

The weather is wonderful and I will be out riding tonight after cooking "breakfast for dinner" for Ashley and I.  The Daddy Weight Loss journey is moving at a steady pace and I'm loving every minute of it!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Best Fat Burning Tool

Not the same bike, but similar

My father was nice enough to let me take his Fuji mountain bike home to use in my weight loss journey  (Thanks Dad!).  I loaded it up in my sister in law's jeep (Thanks Destiny!) and my brother dropped it off at my house (Thanks Jesse!).  I got the chance to ride it will my little sister Alley around my neighborhood on Saturday night.  We rode about 2 miles and went back home.  On Sunday I rode hard and fast for another 2 miles.

It is amazing how much of a workout I can get before getting too tired on a bike.  When running I get wore out before I even start to break a sweat.  After getting home last night I did 3 sets up push ups and crunches.  My body felt and looked tighter, I have more endurance, and I am even more energetic during the day.  Falling asleep after is also much easier than without exercise.  Bicycling is something that I have always loved which can't be said about running.  I live in a wonderful community that is very bike friendly with low traffic and plenty of sidewalks.

I was able to keep my calories in check all weekend without being too low.  I haven't had the chance to step on a scale since my last weigh in, but I am very excited to weigh in soon.  I don't like weighing in too often because it takes my motivation away if I don't see what I like.  For me the motivation comes from looking at my body in the mirror every few days.  I can see the little things that are changing and I can imagine how things will look in the coming months.

Daddy Weight Loss is still in full effect and before I know it Tobias won't be able to keep up with me!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Do I Really Have to Eat Junk Food?

Yesterday I was under on my calories again.  I looked back through my log and made sure I had entered everything.  I was under 1200 calories for the day without exercise included.  I admit that I am not eating as much as I was before I started counting, but I seem to be a little more conscious as to what I am eating.

I think that adding a few snacks throughout the day may help me to not be as hungry and still eat enough calories.  I am thinking something along the lines of fruit, vegetables, or nuts.  I have also been really slacking on my water intake and I need to step that back up.

I didn't get a chance to go walking yesterday because we sat at the emergency room for a few hours.  (See my other blog Daddy To Be 2012)  Thankfully the weather looks good this weekend, so as long as we don't have any surprises, I'll be strapping on the running shoes!

I will be returning on Monday, wish me luck in my Daddy Weight Loss!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wedding/Daddy Weight Loss has Moved!

You may have noticed upon going to you were redirected to   This was not a mistake this is the new home of the Daddy Weight Loss blog!

This post will remain at the top of my blog until 3/22/12, so scroll down for new posts!

Completely Sore and Loving It!

After my long day at work yesterday, I went home to run a whole bunch of errands.  I stopped at the casino and had to park quite a ways away.  I got home and was completely exhausted.  Ashley and I stayed up until around midnight and then I was up to get ready around 5 AM this morning.  I'm not tired today, but my muscles are sore.

I didn't do so great on my calories yesterday, but it wasn't because I went over.  I was way under my calories for the day and I had only eaten about 1,000 calories total for the day.  From what I have read this is just as bad as eating too many calories, because it causes your body to go into "starvation mode."  I need to keep a closer eye on my calories throughout the day.

This morning when I was up early we watched some infomercials and I saw both the P90X and Insanity infomercials.  I know people personally that have had great success with P90X and I have only heard about people starting Insanity recently.  P90X requires a bit of money for equipment and a lot of time dedicated each day around an hour and a half.  Insanity requires around 40 minutes, don't quote me on this, each day.  I might look into something like this as it would give me more organization to my exercising.

Has anyone had any experience with either of these programs? (P90X or Insanity)  Until next time, the Daddy Weight Loss journey continues!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Calorie Counting: 15 Days and Still Counting!

Today marks 15 days of counting calories and I have only slipped up once.  I haven't been too active with the exercising portion, but I have been keeping busy with work and everything.  The weather here is getting up into the 60's (F) so we are getting back to walking/running tonight.

At work today I helped to unload a 53 foot trailer packed with semi tires.  I was absolutely beat afterwards, but I felt really good about it.  It was nice to get outside and work instead of sitting at a desk staring at a monitor all day.

I hurt my knee a little bit last week and I am really hoping that it doesn't bother me when I run.  That would push my efforts way back.  I will update you all if it bothers me or not tomorrow.  It is hard to explain what happened, but basically I fell around 15 feet and landed with my leg straight.  I was on equipment so think about if an elevator fell 15 feet and stopped abruptly.  It hasn't been hurting too bad today, but running might bother it.

See you all tomorrow!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Still on Track - Cocoa, Ice Cream, and Snacks

The title may be a little misleading, but I still managed to stay under my calorie goal while enjoying some treats.  I didn't plan on eating all of that, I was just really hungry.  I had a little bit of Chex Mix, about a half serving.  After the Chex Mix my sweet tooth went into overdrive and I had a half serving of ice cream with some peanuts.  Ashley had a craving for hot cocoa so she made some for both of us and it was really good!

I was pretty nervous when I went to add all of this to my calorie counter, but I came in with 61 calories remaining for the day.  I submitted my log for the day and the app told me I was still on track to lose 10 pounds in 5 weeks.  Yesterday also marked a milestone of being the 10th day in a row that I have logged calories.  Only slipping up once in the first 10 days is pretty impressive for me and I am very proud of myself.  I just need to get back to exercising as soon as the weather cooperates.  I am still doing my daily crunches and push ups, but we all know that I need some cardio in my life.  The weather forecast looks good for this weekend so maybe I'll be able to strap the running shoes on!

On a side note, I think baby weight loss sounds a little weird, so I am going to go with Daddy Weight Loss.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Buffet - Not All I Could Eat

We went to Ponderosa yesterday for Ashley's birthday with her family.  I was able to eat at the buffet and still stay within my calorie goal for the day.  I only had 50 calories left after the buffet, but I think I did pretty good.  Ashley had a coupon for her birthday so we got 2 orders of Sirloin Tips that I was able to eat today for breakfast and lunch, so that will help with today's calories.  After the buffet I decided to do some crunches and push ups, but instead just one set I did multiples.  I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but I am now doing push ups without having my knees down which is a big accomplishment for me.  I was able to do 11 during each set last night, which is 1 more than I can usually do.  Crunches burned a little bit more last night, but I was paying closer attention to technique and I could tell the difference.

I did a little posing in the mirror last night and I am really starting to see the effects.  My stomach seems flatter and my arms seem more defined.  I still have a long way to go, but these little motivations help quite a bit.  Operation baby weight loss is in full effect!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Huge Personal Milestone

Yesterday I continued counting calories and made absolutely sure I stayed up my calorie goal of 1780.  I managed to stay under even with a few extra snacks throughout the day, I was only under by about 80 calories at least I was under and not over.  Weight loss is my primary goal and I need to do everything I can to achieve that.

After work last night, I stopped over my parents house to pick up some food and decided to weigh myself while I was there.  Now just a little back story first, my lowest weight since graduating high school (2004) is 232.2 pounds.  This past summer/fall I was at around 248 pounds and due to a change at my job I dropped down to 235 pounds.  Well the change at my job has been reversed and I was just floating at 235 pounds and I knew it was the perfect time to get back down.

Back to my parents house, so I jumped on the scale and looked down and saw 232.2 pounds.  I was very excited and knew that my hard work was paying off.  I went to write down my weight and realized that last time I weighed I used the same scale but was only wearing underwear.  I stripped down to my underwear and jumped back on the scale, and what did I see?

228.6 pounds

I was absolutely ecstatic and couldn't believe my eyes.  In 8 years I haven't been this small.  The greatest part is for the past few days I have started to notice that I feel smaller, my stomach looks tighter, and I have more energy.  It is amazing to see that my hard work is really paying off!

Please let this motivate all of you out there, it is never too late to get into shape and anyone can do it.  I know this will certainly motivate me and give me that push that I really needed.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I finally slipped up...

I have been doing so well on my calorie counting and I figured I deserved a treat last night so I had some striped shortbread cookies.  My mistake was not looking at the serving size and bringing the whole box to the couch.  I ended up 850 calories over my goal for the day and I felt pretty crappy about it.  Don't worry though, it just fuels my motivation even more.  I just wouldn't have guessed that a serving size would be two tiny cookies, so now I am a little bit more alert to these types of things.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Busy Day

I have a very busy day today due to the baby shower yesterday and I won't have time to write a full post until tomorrow.  I can say that I stayed under my calorie goal everyday since I have started counting.  I also walked for 60 minutes on both Saturday and Sunday, so even though it was a weekend I didn't slack.  I also did my daily push ups and crunches.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Count Calories on the Go with the Mobile App Logo

I have never in my life counted calories and I never thought that I would.  I thought I was eating healthy, but I knew something must be wrong if I never lose weight.  As I mentioned before I started counting calories a couple days ago and I mentioned I was using an Android app to do so.  I am using's app to track my calories and exercise (Also available for iPhone and iPad).  

Example screenshot from app

Once you download the app, you will be required to create an account and fill in some personal details.  It asks for things such as age, weight, height, and daily activity level.  I believe it also asks how often you will be exercising.  Once completed with that it will ask what weight is your goal and how many pounds you wish to lose a week (within reason).  Finally, it will give you your recommended daily calorie allowance.

Now each time you eat, drink water, or exercise you pull out your phone and enter the details.  Exercises are pretty straightforward, for example you type push ups and hit search and then enter sets and reps.  If you search running it gives different speeds, but if you put strength training it will give sets, reps, and weight.  Exercises that burn calories will subtract from the food you have eaten for the day.  For example if you ate 1500 calories and went running and burned 500 calories, you would only have 1000 calories counted against your daily allotment.  MyFitnessPal does not count calories burned from weight lifting or strength training.

You can also add water which is just a nice way of keeping track of how much you drink each day.  Food is where the app really shines in that it is extremely easy and useful at the same time.  This morning I took a multivitamin, drank a low carb Monster, and ate a sausage and cheese muffin from Burger King.  While taking the multivitamin; I pulled out my phone, clicked on the app, hit add to diary, chose breakfast, and scanned the bar-code on the vitamin label.  The app scans the bar-code and puts the nutritional value into your diary.  I also did the same for my Monster, and searched for my breakfast sandwich.  Throughout the day you can look at your nutritional goals and see where you are in excess and where you are lacking. states that they have nutritional details for over 1 million foods!  If you can't find something you can add custom entries and even recipes.

The first day of calorie counting I really thought I was doing great, but at the end of the day I noticed that I had consumed about 90g of sugar over top of my allowed total.  Yesterday, I had more cholesterol than I should have.  I can see where my vitamin deficiencies might be and when I don't have enough protein in my diet.  The app stores all of these details and you can look back and see what foods you might want to avoid next time.

The app and website ( have a plethora of other features as well, the biggest being a social network.  I don't use this yet, but I might look into it.  From MyFitnessPal's research, those with friends on the service tend to lose 3 times as much weight as those that don't.  This is because you are not only sharing these details with yourself, but also with others who can hold you accountable or motivate you.  The site has forums, chat, and blogs to help motivate and educate.  On the website you can also run reports on various things such as nutrition, fitness, and weight loss.

Example report of my net calories consumed

At the end of the day each day, you can close out your diary for the day.  At this point it posts to your "wall" saying that you finished your day and how you did.  My favorite part however, is that after you finish for the day it pops up and gives you an update.  It is along the lines of, if everyday was like today you will weight XXX.X pounds in X weeks.  Last night mine said that I will weigh 221.5 (from 235) in 5 weeks, even if those numbers aren't true, it sure is a great motivation.  I have noticed over the last 2 days that at night I feel like I should have a snack before bedtime, I fire up the app and think to myself is it really worth it?  I imagine in my head how that one snack every night could be an extra pound lost each week and I forget all about having a snack.

Example of what you see at the end of each day

All in all, I think that this will really help me to keep track of my weight loss and exercise.  You can never have too many tools for this type of thing.  It is the convenience for me that makes this a real winner in my book.  If you would like to join me on the site, my username is ryanlthornton.  The Android market and iTunes links are below.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rest Day

Yesterday I had a rest day.  It was my first day of counting calories and I was a little sore from the day before.  I still did 10 push ups and 30 crunches on lunch and took a 15 minute walk around the block with Ashley.  I ended up 200 calories under my daily goal of 1780 and I was pretty high on my sugar intake, but the app said that if everyday was like yesterday I would lose 11.5 pounds by April 5th.  I hope that it is right because that would be pretty good progress.

I hope that I am able to work out tonight, whether it be cardio or strength training.  I am starting to get a headache from grinding my teeth today and my shoulders are still sore from lifting the other day.  My shoulders have always been my weakest muscle and I hope to change that this time around.  The push ups are getting better, at least my knees aren't on the ground anymore.

See you all tomorrow!